Friendly Association for Wholehearted Service

Building Hartland’s Legacy

The Heartland Foundation, originally established in 1929 as part of the Hartland Area Project, was intended to promote the social, intellectual, cultural, recreational and moral needs of every individual within the Hartland Area.

Crouse started the Hartland Area Project with an original grant of $50,000 to be administered by the Hartland Foundation and the Hartland Consolidated Schools Foundation.

Furthermore, the project was established “to make available to this group, with generous adequacy, all the creative and constructive social and educational influence, to the end of more rapidly and effectively evolving a richer and more abundant individual and community life.

It is not enough just to think about our community. In order to keep Mr. Crouse’s vision alive we need to become involved. We need to share our time, talents and financial resources with our community. It is this sharing and giving that not only enriches us, but enriches the Hartland community.

Seek Truth and do Good

Our Founder

In 1888, John B moves family to Cleveland due to business interests in the Cleveland Carbon Company. John Robert graduates in 1893 from Cleveland Central High School.

Travels back to Michigan for burial of his mother Betsey in Hartland Cemetery that same year. Crouse attends University of Michigan and graduates in 1897.

John Robert joins his father and uncle, Henry A. Tremaine, in a harmonious business relationship.


Crouse begins as a lamp salesman for the Fostoria Incandescent Lamp Company.

Promoted to vice president of the firm in two years. In 1901, the three create the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA PARK) read more