The heartland foundation

Heartland Foundation (August 14, 1929):

(1) The development of the Hartland Area Project

The objectives of which the Donor hereby states to be as follows: The Hartland Area Project is an effort to layout a district in a typical rural community with a village center containing an ultimate school population of about one thousand (1000) children in all grades and a total population of about four thousand (4000) people (with a present area of about one hundred ten (110) square miles and containing a population of approximately “twenty-five hundred (2500) people), and to make available and to bring to bear on this group, with generous adequacy, all the varied creative and constructive social influences to the end of more rapidly and effectively evolving a richer and more abundant individual and community life. It is comparable in the social field to intensive research and development work carried on by great industries for material progress in contrast to social progress, and as such will always be planning and experimenting on the frontiers of social organization and progress.

(2) Development of subdivisions of the objective through specific activities as outlined in information exhibits appended hereto and designated

(a) The Donor’s original statement entitled “Hartland Area Project” dated October 7, 1931
(b) Mr. B.J. Ford’s statement entitled “Hartland Area project”, dated March l4, 1938
(c) Florence B. Dearing’s statement entitled “Hartland Area Project”, dated August 13, 1936
(d) E.B. Robbins’ statement entitled “Hartland Tries Cooperation-, appearing on Page 124 in Michigan Educational Journal for November, 1938
(e) Report of Hartland Area Appraisal Ballot for 1936
(f) Waldenwood Activities
(g) Schedule of capital and operating costs

(3) Learning the theory and practice of cooperative methods in both individual and community action.

(4) Social challenge of Hartland Area Project as a moral equivalent to war. Philosophers maintain that human-kind requires a great challenge to bring out its greatest possibilities through the dropping or changing of routine and the attempting of new, thrilling, and difficult interests and objectives of great worth.

(5) Demonstration by the people of the Hartland Area will progressively develop this Project to such extents as to make plain the transcendent values and satisfactions of all around social achievement as against and in contrast to the brutal, useless, wasteful, and destructive activities of war and social conflict. The progressive elimination of the wastes of war, the vices of men and the vanity of women would provide the material means for such creative and constructive social activities and organization over wide areas. The Hartland Area Project provides the opportunity for the individual and the opportunity to make a contribution in large or small degree toward such ideal and permanent ends.

“Dreamer of dreams, we take the taunt with gladness Knowing that God beyond the years you see.

Will weave the dreams that count with you for madness Into the texture of the world to be.”

See exhibit (h) on War Wastes.

(B) The secondary purpose of this trust is the establishment of other foundations after the Hartland Area Foundation is fully provided for, as set forth in VI (E) and VII following.

It is understood that the primary purpose of the trust is to be considered its major interest and concern. The secondary purpose is not in any way to limit or interfere with the full and continuous development of the primary purpose.

(C) The tertiary purpose of this trust is as follows notwithstanding the irrevocable nature of this trust as to the gift made the accumulation of twenty percent (20%) of the net income, and the current use of the remaining eighty percent (80%), the Donor hereby reserves the right to make any desired changes in this agreement each ten years. either for the purpose of changing the beneficiaries entirely and setting up a new plan for accomplishing some other charitable purpose or purposes or by devising another method calculated to more effectually accomplish the original idea of assisting communities through the medium of schools or otherwise. After the death of the Donor, the Advisory Board for the Hartland Area Project (constituted as set forth in VIII (A)) shall have the power in this respect which is reserved to the Donor in his lifetime.

Hartland Area Educational Loans and Prizes (March 2, 1942)

(A) The primary purpose is as follows; The encouragement of further education of the residents of the Hartland Community through loans for scholarships and the recognition of outstanding community service through awards and prizes.

(B) The secondary purpose as follows; Assistance to the Hartland Area Project through use or part or the income not used in part A. It is understood that the primary purpose of the Trust is to be considered its major interest and concern.

(C) The tertiary purpose of this Trust is as follows; The first party reserves the right for itself or any successor body to make any desired changes to this agreement on or about August 14. 1969 and each ten years thereafter (that is 1969 -1979 – and so on in perpetuity) either for the purpose of devising another method to more effectively accomplish the original idea of furthering education and community service or for the purpose of changing the beneficiaries entirely and setting up a new plan or accomplishing some other charitable purpose.

Hartland Consolidated Schools Foundation (December 13, 1928)

Without limiting in any way the charitable purposes for which such income may be used, it shall be available for promoting living conditions; sanitary betterment ; health measures ; in assisting schools and other local educational activities, such as lecture courses , farmers’ institutes , and wholesome recreation for all classes ; and for such other charitable purposes as will make for mental, moral and physical improvement of the inhabitants of Hartland Consolidated School District as now or hereafter constituted, regardless of race, color or creed, according to the discretion of a majority in number of the committee to be constituted as hereinafter provided.


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