Ministry of Music

“Music Exalts Life”   -Hartland Area Project slogan

In 1931, Mr. Crouse once again hired Emil Lorch, Dean of the College of Architecture at the University of Michigan to renovate, enlarge and equip the church for use as a music hall. The reconstruction included such changes as lengthening the auditorium, the addition of a stage, a new porch with large pillars, two wings, an organ chamber and a basement. In addition, the gallery was modified, new floors laid, new plastering was completed and a new heating system, auditorium eating and stage lighting installed. As much as possible was done to preserve the character of the building whenever feasible. The front doors were reproductions of the earlier ones, the old shutters were restored and the bell tower was retained.

The stage facilities were as modern as any theater in Michigan. The building had more than seven miles of electric wiring with auditorium lights, overhead lights in three colors, footlights in colors and one or two large spotlights. Provision were made for outdoor loudspeakers to benefit overflow crowds. A $12,000 three manual Kilgen pipe organ was installed.


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